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Cancellation and Refund Policy:

We understand you are here for Value and Not for refunds.  We also place  Value to Customer Collaboration more than Customer Negotiation.

We make all efforts to meet all the commitment made (Agenda coverage,  Delivery, Handout). We also make all efforts to resolve difference or conflicts by addressing each expectations. However, in the remote and rare possibility of such,  (and as legal requirement) we state the following Cancellation and Refund policy.  The cancellation policy is to help  meet  the expectations of each other and help plan the training booking smoothly for operations.

For Trainings Booking:

1. How to ask for Cancellation and Refund :

Cancellations and Refunds can be requested by dropping an email to   support@AgileAware.IN  with details of the event / session, dates, city and  (optional) reason for the cancellation.

2.  Postpone or Cancel, 100 % Full Refund :

A Participant can postpone or  cancel  booking made, any time, 7 calendar days, before the first day of event / session.

Options   a.)  Participant can Postpone to subsequent session which keep happening. Subsequent session planned, would be informed to Participant and would notified, at least, 7 days in advance (or more earlier as soon as planned).

                b.)   Participant can seek Refund.  We will refund Full 100 % of  amount paid.  No questions asked.

 In order to plan session smoothly (Trainer dates, Hotel bookings)  the request to cancel has to be before 7 calendar days of First day of session. 

3.  Cancellation 7 to 1 days :

Since within 7 days of the first day of  session, cancellation of bookings (Trainer, Hotel, arrangements, etc) is Not possible, hence, No cancellation or Refund may be possible within 7 to 1 days.

We also understand that there may be emergency ( God forbid !)  or valid urgency elsewhere and participant may Not be able to make it to the session planned. However, on Compassionate grounds and the complete Discretion of the company/ Trainer,  the participant, even though making cancellation between  7 to 1 days in advance, (provided participant informs by email, at least 1 day in advance, and earlier if possible, subject to verification), we may  Accommodate (once only and subject to availability) the participant in a Immediately Subsequent session in the following (upto 3) months. For schedule of the subsequent session, such participant would be notified by email,  at least 7 days in advance (and most possibly earlier), of the first day of session. If the Participant does Not join the second subsequent session,  forfeits any refund and No further Accommodation would be made later.

In any case, cancelling between 7 to 1 days,  refund is Not an option. No show on the first day of session are also Not eligible for refund.

Compassionate grounds to opt for one subsequent session is a possibility on the sole discretion of the Trainer.

4Cancellation/postponement of a batch :

In the  rare possibility, the Session  is cancelled due to some uncontrollable conditions, the participant would  have options

     a.)   for a Full 100%  Refund   or

     b.)   have a the choice to join the same session, held subsequently, which would be notified at least 7 days, in advance.

5.Limited Liability :

Refund would be limited to the amount paid. No additional interest or incidentals or any other amounts, dues, would be payable.

Liability of any form or type would be limited to the amount paid by the participant.

6.  Refund to Same Account :

Refund would be to the same account and method as was paid.  Refund would be within 7 business days.

For services other than training sessions:

1.  Cancellation of Automatic Renewal of Account: 

Customer has to notify us to cancel automatic renewal at least 7 business days prior to the account expiration date.

2.  Period Utilized :

If customer wants to cancel the service before one complete cycle, a partial refund will be given based on the number of days services used.


In the remote possibility of Any dispute/ difference, for all disputes, differences, the laws and  jurisdiction of Mumbai would be applicable.

Lets Collaborate.